How To Use This Site

This site is meant to help you follow along in the Old Testament Survey Sunday School Class at Eastwood Presbyterian Church , Montgomery, Alabama.

Let’s say you missed a Sunday, which happened to be Lesson 3.  You can look on the right margin or sidebar, under Categories, and select the Lesson 3 Category.  That will take you to a summary page that has all of the info about Lesson 3: The Outline, the teacher’s notes, any handouts, whatever.

Or let’s say you want to peruse all of the handouts given out so far, click the Handouts link to see all handouts for all lessons.

Otherwise, you can go to the home page – – and see a chronological list of everything, from newest to oldest.

Better yet, let’s say you’re talking to a friend about class, and the friend is interested in something Rob said in Lesson 5 about Joshua.  You can click on the lesson 5 category, then click on the Lesson 5 headline.  This will take you to a page that has nothing on it but the outline for Lesson 5.  Copy and paste the website address and email it to your friend so they can easily see what you’re talking about.

Even better yet, invite a friend to classEncourage someone to read this site by telling them about the RSS feed reader.  If you or anyone likes to read news and blog feeds in one of the popular feed readers (Yahoo, Google, MSN, etc.) we encourage you to sign up by clicking on the link on the right sidebar.

COMMENT – at the bottom of each post there is a section for YOU THE READER and class participant to COMMENT. Yes, please add to the discussion.  Was there a favorite point that was meaningful to you in class?  Do you have something that we all would like to read?  Comment and link it here.


3 Responses to How To Use This Site

  1. Lars Guttormson says:

    Would it be alright for me to use one of your charts (The Events of Judah’s Exile) for a Bible Study handout? (it’s for an Seminary assignment, but may use it in the future as well)

    Thanks for reading, and wonderful stuff here!


  2. Lars Guttormson says:

    Also, oddly enough the above was posted at 9:09pm CST. Strange.

  3. johnccoley says:

    Sure Lars, if you have any questions feel free to call John Geiger at Eastwood School at

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